Women In Weed Clap Back at Federal Government’s Threat to Legal Pot

Just a few days ago, Raeven Duckett and her partners marked a milestone: the first day of expanding their marijuana delivery service to recreational users. The company, Community Gardens Oakland Dispensary, was the first adult-use business in the city of Oakland and the third in the entire state of California to obtain a license to dispense edibles, tinctures and cannabis buds to people over 21. This week, California became the sixth state in the U.S. to decriminalize recreational marijuana and Duckett says she and her cofounders were working hard to “cross the t’s and dot the i’s” to comply with the state and the city’s tough regulations on license holders. As news broke that U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions directed all U.S. Attorneys to strictly enforce existing drug laws, Duckett vowed to keep moving ahead.

“I am nervous about it,” Duckett said by telephone a couple of hours after the headlines began to show up in her social media feeds. “But honestly I went into this business knowing what it was. I have anxiety but I am ready to keep going. Let’s do it.”

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