Make Garlic Bread in Advance for Winning Dinner

Garlic bread feels like an afterthought, but for the carb-obsessed among us, having a dish with any sauce feels incomplete without a bread mop. Growing up, garlic bread was a staple in my house, mostly fresh, sometimes with jarred garlic, and chives from the yard. It was there for mom’s Sunday sauce (we don’t call it gravy) and for steak night, too, and even as a tot I devoured spicy, bitter, buttery piles of the stuff. What’s better than all that? This marijuana-infused garlic bread.

Ganja and garlic are a culinary team best for a day off, when you can not only savor the high, but smell like garlic in peace at home. Making this ahead is like giving your future self an amazing gift. The best way to make it is to make two smaller loaves, one for now, and freeze the other. This will also help you not overdo it, potency-wise. Stuff this delicious is how we all end up in the rabbit hole, but if that’s where you want to go, by all means chow down.

My version has sharp, nutty, umami bomb Pecorino Romano, as well as a dual approach to the garlic. By making a confit with some cloves and using others raw, you get the zip of raw garlic with the sweet depth of roasted cloves, so it’s got bite without burn.

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