Make Cannabis-Infused Chocolate Gelt for an Adult Game of Dreidel This Hanukkah

Dreidel is the kiddo’s version of gambling, or so I grew up thinking! As history would have it, it came all the way across Europe from Ireland before becoming a Yiddish and then Hebrew favorite. A spinning top with four rules is chill, but playing with a little enhanced chocolate could help you take it to the savage—read: fun—quadrant. Making your own cannabis chocolate coins is much easier than it sounds, and doesn’t require any special tools.

As I recall, the foil-wrapped chocolates we got as kids are not super tasty, and even in New York City, they’re not widely available. Some friends and I are planning to play at an upcoming potluck, and since it’s adults-only, this is the perfect opportunity to make things a little more interesting with the addition of some cannabis gelt to gamble on.

When it comes to chocolate edibles, keeping the volume down of whatever you are adding to the chocolate is crucial to getting a crisp and authentic feel and taste, and using oils and butters won’t work unless you’re looking to turn a dark chocolate into a milk chocolate. Concentrates and hash are your best bet to keep the process short, bittersweet, and potent.

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