5 Cannabis Products Changing the Way We Think About Marijuana

There’s a renaissance happening in the world of cannabis products, due in large part to the growing trend of legalization across the country. As new markets come online, consumers are demanding new types of products. In markets which are legalizing, the fastest growth demographics are among women and adults over 50.

In response to these growing customer segments, cannabis operators are responding with innovative types of products. Largely gone are the days of plastic baggies filled with non-descript marijuana. Almost all legalized states require lab testing results to be included on product labels and there is a growing understanding of the role various cannabinoids and terpenes play in dictating the effects of marijuana.

The rapid evolution of cannabis products serves an expanding base of customers who seek out everything from unadulterated flower to cannabis-oil infused lip balms. Here, we’ll examine some of the newer types of products emerging in the industry.

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