The Best Weed-Spiked Dishes for Your ‘Danksgiving’ Meal

Whether you enthusiastically celebrate the inherently strange tradition of Thanksgiving with a doofy fold-out paper turkey, or you reject the idea but love to feast with your family, the eating can be good for everyone. People love that tryptophan-laden centerpiece, but the side dishes are the star of the show for some. This is especially true for vegetarians, the turkey-averse, or people who like to add a little something active into their food, whether medical or recreational in nature.

“Danksgiving” is just what it sounds like: weed-spiked Thanksgiving food. Some celebrate this on the day of, others populate their social schedules with extracurricular feasts, but the sentiment is the same: sleepy food done extra. Before preparing a heady menu, choose your strain wisely to reflect how you want to feel well after the meal is over. Rich, fall-flavored, and fatty dishes can make you lethargic anyway, so you may want to avoid anything too indica-based for the day—unless pain relief and couch naps are your goal, in which case forge on.

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