Ontario Cannabis Law Would Punish Homeless Recreational Weed Users

Ontario tabled its law on cannabis legalization this week that would ban users from consuming the drug outside of “private residences,” a move slammed by critics as favouring “the elite” since homeless people, and many renters and condo residents could effectively be prohibited from consuming legal weed.

The ban doesn’t make sense, drug policy experts say, and would unfairly target homeless people and others who don’t have access to “private residences,” while pushing other recreational cannabis users into risky situations.

Bill Bogart, a law professor at the University of Windsor who specializes in the regulation of illicit drugs, says Ontario’s law favours the province’s “elite,” including people who live in places that aren’t bound by the strict smoking rules of many condo boards and public housing. “Only those more affluent would be able to smoke [at home],” Bogart told VICE News. “The rest—not a small number—would be left to smoke in public and risk a violation.”

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