Cannabis Consumers Say Marijuana Isn’t a Vice, It’s Part of a Wellness Regimen

Legalization activists often say that marijuana should be regulated like alcohol, but today’s cannabis consumers don’t appreciate the comparison. To them, marijuana isn’t a vice — it’s part of a wellness regimen.

That’s what 90 percent of consumers said in a recent poll conducted by Miner & Co. Studio, who reached out to 800 consumers and asked for their opinions of marijuana. The vast majority said they consider marijuana part of their “wellness program” — like dieting, exercise and yoga — not a vice like alcohol or cigarettes.

And today’s cannabis consumer isn’t into dropping out of society like hippies of yore. Around 95 percent of respondents said they enjoy cannabis that helps them enjoy aspects of everyday life, not avoid them. Which is refreshing as well as reassuring since almost half of consumers (42 percent) said they had kids under 18 years old, so it’s crucial that they avoid letting marijuana get in the way of parenting.

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