Alberta NDP to Introduce Cannabis Legislation in Fall Sitting

Alberta will introduce legislation laying out its plan for cannabis legalization, and also make a final call on whether storefront sales will be managed by government monopoly or private interests, before the end of the year.

Alberta laid out the broad strokes of its cannabis plan earlier this month. But NDP government House Leader Brian Mason said Friday the province will introduce two pieces of legislation in the fall sitting: One will deal with the road-safety and impairment aspects of cannabis and the other dealing with cannabis regulation, including distribution, sales, where it can be consumed and the minimum legal age.

He added that, across the country, everyone is scrambling to have their own province-specific laws in place before Ottawa’s July 1, 2018, deadline for recreational marijuana legalization.

“This is something that has been dropped on us by the federal government,” Mr. Mason said. “Everyone is running out of time.”

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