Why the Decriminalisation of Marijuana is a Civil Rights Cause

Generations of Americans – mostly people of colour – have been crushed by aggressive laws on marijuana. It’s time for that to change.

In a year where the forces of racism, xenophobia and hate are ascendant, and our rights are under siege, it has become understandably difficult for many to envision a future beyond the latest injustice of the week.

But the impressive resistance movement that has risen to challenge the Trump administration – and the inspiring number of first-time and long-time activists who have powered it – has grown strong enough to dream bigger than countering the president’s latest insult.

There is no greater act of resistance than continuing to march towards the sweeping, systemic victories that have changed our nation’s trajectory for the better: voting rights, anti-employment discrimination measures, and most recently, President Obama’s success in securing health coverage for the 20 million Americans who were previously denied this universal human right.

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