Colorado Dominates Top 150 Ancillary Cannabis Companies

Legalizing cannabis doesn’t just create jobs involving cultivation of the plant; it also creates businesses that aid those cultivations, infused-product manufacturers and dispensaries. Ancillary businesses to the cannabis industry can be in anything from extraction technology to industry consulting, with many, many things in between.

Ancillary businesses represent the largest and broadest sector of the cannabis industry, according to multiple industry reports, and many of the top companies are based in Colorado. Of the top 150 ancillary cannabis businesses on a recent list from Cannabis Business Executive, 41 are headquartered in Colorado. By comparison, California had 35 on the list, while Washington and Oregon combine for just 22.

As the first state to legalize recreational cannabis, Colorado had a head start on encouraging entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to fruition, or to further grow already existing businesses. You may have heard of some of these success stories, such as the Vicente Sederberg law firm and Leafbuyer, thanks to their media presence or consumer-facing products, while others are content to fly under the radar.

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