Fear and Loathing on Sparks Street Visiting the Temple of Doom

Sparks Street was headquarters to the HESA Standing Committee on Health created to discuss the marijuana legislation of Bill C-45. It would invite a hundred witnesses over a five-day period from September 10th to 15th. There are just over 220 days or so until legalization and the tension is warming into fall.

Day five, September 15th, was the day our dear heroes, Dana Larsen, Jodie Emery and Marc Emery were invited to lay it down, for the record, in the latest round of evidence presented to yet another Kangaroo green washing, wig-flipping dog and pony show. Overall the week’s witnesses’ largely trashed Bill C-45, outside of complimenting the Liberals perceived desire to be rational.

Dana Larsen pointed out in his opening salvo across the stern, that no one from the age of fifteen to twenty-four was invited to witness in this room full of grown-ups. What a bunch of maroons.

It will be awesome, amazing and mind-blowing when the government stops hating youth. So, since this whole unworkable fiasco, dreamt up in the boiler rooms of Bay Street started, it was vital that none of the pock-marked, pierced and tattooed aforementioned be allowed to speak or be seen at an event of importance. We can send them to prison and mark them for life but we don’t need their smelly smelly input. Of course, any top-secret, ultra undercover agent may have spied, that out of the ten-thousand plus people who are guilty of participating in the biggest crime spree Canada has ever seen every April 20th on Parliament Hill, there is, was, and are a very large percentage clearly representing the 15-24-year-old age group. Well – lets all just ignore what’s uncomfortable and say that’s the path to getting things right.

Meanwhile, Children’s Aid continues to participate in kidnapping children from parent’s that have been declared out of control because one or more parent uses marijuana.

The Money Python skit involving a cheese shop famous for it’s selection of cheese but having no cheese whatsoever in reality, would best describe Bill C-45’s quest for rationality.

The salivating dragons of municipal licensing, have recently joined the club of reluctant apologists willing to introduce the questionable threat of marijuana into their communities so long as the price can be boosted artificially high while purses are snatched in a low quality purple Kush fog.

Canada’s first and primary role with Bill C-45 is to cut out the Canadian farmers with their knowledge of wind, rain, sun and soil. No, they can’t finally freely grow it and turn a profit at twenty cents a gram or two cents a gram or twenty thousand dollars a metric ton. Screw farmers. They can go fuddle-duddle themselves. Farming and agriculture need no relationship with a plant that will continue to be owned by the right sort of double special ultra-cool Liberal insiders and the upper one percent licensed producers. We didn’t mean democracy for you because farmers are the wrong sort.

If people are going to use marijuana then Bill C-45 must make sure they can only smoke it. We must insist that no cakes, edibles or cookies are made with pot. We must force medical patients, regardless of their maladies, to choke and smoke that crappy Liberal weed down their throats. Smoking is best and of course that finding was passed on by Jodie Emery as she brought to mind various American Medical Journal’s citations stating that marijuana does not cause lung damage and prevents cancer anyway.

What’s black and white and green all over? I don’t know but guess what? Hash doesn’t exist in C-45 either. So poof, hash doesn’t exist.

This legislation to come will reduce the black market in Quebec to zero. There will be no traditional organized crime marijuana market in Quebec after this. Quebec will have zero hash. Pas de stupificants. Souviens sa.

The Standing Health Committee is part of a colossal, second rate misinformation campaign. The people who hated, hounded and hunted hundreds of thousands of Canadians for decades now want to be in charge of doling out the dangerous green. The mean-spirited thugs who always sought to evade the intent and spirit of the law now have plans to conduct themselves with the same malice they were culpable of in the past. There will be no placation, no freedom, no jobs, no business, no let up.

Was this committee meeting a meaningful contact between the hunted prey and the savage hunter? Did anyone back down? Did anyone blink?

Was this a waste of time? For Dana Larsen it most likely was, he pointed out that the recommendations of the LeDain commission to sell marijuana to sixteen-year-olds was ignored and the 2002 Senate Commission was ignored. At one point, when he required election, Justin Trudeau said, “Across the board legalization, let the free market reign.” And so, Dana pointed out that kids weren’t allowed at the hearing so totally ignoring the very people that the health committee plans on punishing.

The howling and wailing was enough to shatter windows when Marc Emery pointed out that the cannabis culture community requires an apology for fifty years of wrong-headed, non-scientific and racist actions. You could hear toupee glue, steam and boil.

But perhaps, getting it wrong does suit the health of the Canadian pot stock market riddled as it is with the right sort of Liberal insiders. Deep Throat always said to, “Follow the money.”

Mishandling legislation here was such an art I kept expecting the Canada Council for the Arts to whip up an emergency grant.

The gang wasn’t alone. Michael Spratt pointed out earlier in the week that C-45 had no provisions or measures whatsoever to deal with the tens of thousands of Canadians who remain stigmatized with a criminal record in regards to marijuana. “There needs to be a robust system of pardons.”

While John Dickie recommended that the police be issued metre sticks in order to photograph plants taller than 100 cm, Kirk Tousaw felt the plant height limit was ludicrous and that there should be no limits on possession, becoming a producer or selling and that edibles should be legal.

Not ready for prime time but good enough for organized crime, Bill C-45 is a trophy wife for the black market. The vast Canadian underground’s green fuel will burn and blow all the harder.

The highly educated buzz killing luminaries, totally virgin to the substance in question, have arrived with a bucket of cold water for the pot party, killed the music, turned on the lights and proudly announced, “Let’s have the right sort of Liberal insider fun.”

My Neuro-Pathic Telepathy Machine (NPTM) arrived in time from Cuba to pick up the solo thought of Bill Blair, “Is she gone, yet?”

“We’re here to talk about legalized cannabis which means we should not have any law concerns,” Jodie Emery continued to recite from various academic and professional medical journals citing the reduction in obesity, suicide and a 20-year study showing no damage to lungs and another that it shrunk cancer brain cells.

Within the last month, dueling has been removed from the criminal code. So, we can only look forward to a duel between Jodie Emery and Bill Blair on the field of any medium with fountain pens and microphones drawn at dawn. It won’t happen, we know who is the chicken.

The desire of the obviously blind to strong arm and lead the sighted can not improve the path to anywhere except to chaos and unrest. Are the crafters of C-45 morally corrupt or oblivious or is it the obliviously corrupt influencing the naïve?

Overwhelming evidence contradicts mythology and propaganda but leading a horse to water, as Galileo found out, is far different from forcing it to drink.

“Filthy, commie, hippie, queers…” My N.PT.M. was picking up the thoughts of Karen Tandy, in her role as D.E.A. avenging archangel, dedicated to influencing Canadian politics as a professionally paid foreign agent-provocateur. Was there a Canadian postal official she didn’t compromise as she responded to the unsettled ghosts of J. Edgar Hoover and President Richard Nixon?

For those, put on notice, they have always been put on notice. They’ve lived their lives on notice. Bongs, seeds and paraphernalia remain on notice, get in line.

This unscientific plague, advertised as Liberal legislation, launched on the marijuana community, wants everyone to continue to suck up gluttonous amps of electricity for indoor growing, create giant carbon foot prints, and be increasingly enforced by a vast sanctimonious security army carrying yard sticks as side arms as opposed to utilizing open prairie farmer fields, solar power and Mrs. Babushka’s back yard shading her tomatoes.

The morality of municipal mayors has a price. It’s not hard to be green if you kick up to Tony. The municipal federation kept pointing out the Colorado model with it’s city tax kick backs.

“Tell us all about Prohibition 2.0,” Don Davies throws Marc Emery a soft ball.

There’s yet another button for Marc Emery to lecture the children of the Health Committee with, “Marijuana is safer than hockey. You can’t conceptualize many other products out there that are safer. This should be at the Justice committee.

“There are more offences in this new act then the old act. Now we will be criminalized and exploited. This act is an insult to five million Canadians.”
Marc Emery continued, “I think it is wholly unworthy of a Parliament to spend a whole week discussing the health concerns of substance that has not killed anybody while being supplied by the free market for the past fifty years.
“If we’ve got organized crime in this it’s because you created it. Had you not criminalized marijuana no one would be handling it except organized retailers in our usual business regime. So, you’re the problem, you’re at fault. We’ve had prohibition for 93 years and I’ve never seen Parliament modernize or ameliorate any of the terrible things in that time.”

“We don’t care if we go to jail. We don’t care if you charge us. I’m going to continue to break those laws because they’re terrible, criminalizes everybody who is supposed to be legal and enriches the government monopolies being proposed. And these wealthy stock market production companies who don’t have any relationship to cannabis but just raise money on the stock market somehow hand in glove with the Liberal government, and now they’re operating and selling marijuana even though people I’ve known who’ve been doing it for ten, twenty, thirty years won’t be offered such a position.”

If you like your leads buried, this is for you; Ontario premier Wynne’s proposed racket of dope dealing, trafficking and possessing soldiers for the Ontario Cannabis Control Board’s posse will have as difficult a time crossing the American border as any other self-admitted criminal abuser. Should they try and pass the red, white and blue sniff test of admissibility they will be barred. Not too many unions rest easy having their members denied access to half the continent as part of the job. I know there is a giggle on this one.

Don Davies asked Marc, “You referenced Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick moving to create monopolies that will clearly freeze out dispensaries. I’m just wondering what you think about that?”

“Well, they can’t do that. That won’t be supportable. I will approach everyone to boycott the government run stores. We will physically try and stop people from going in. We’re going to advise them that they’re traitors if they go in. Because these are the people who oppressed us for fifty years. You’re going to give your money to the very enemy that’s beaten us and killed our animals when they raid us, rounded up our kids, took away or plants, took away or lively hoods? Are you kidding me? We can never let the government be the profiteers of marijuana after all the years they’ve abused us, exploited us.

“This cannabis law you’re proposing is pure sadism and the one we’ve had for fifty years is just punishing Canadians for NO VALID REASON. Foods, cars, candy, alcohol tobacco…everything is killing Canadians except cannabis and you want to treat it like plutonium, it’s insane.

“One of the things they haven’t thought about with the Ontario monopoly is that every single employee who works for the Ontario Cannabis Control Board is going to be barred from going to the United States. So long as every employee is willing to admit they’re never going to the United States again then that’s fine. I’m sure they’ll get employees We in the free market acknowledge this, that we can’t travel to the U.S. if we have a relationship with cannabis that’s in any way public.”

[What? He said, what? Barred? Shut this fucking committee down!!!]
“You’re all into control and into gouging a vulnerable population of pot smokers for as much as you can possibly get. And that’s the real reason for this legislation. If Trudeau wanted to legalize it, he would say to the Speaker of the House, ‘Mr. Speaker we have a majority and we just removed cannabis from the schedule. My Health Minister will direct that and from now on the Provinces are free to regulate.’ And that would be the whole legalization campaign. Instead you got three-hundred pages of a new cannabis act that recriminalizes everybody, makes a huge bureaucracy of government at all levels, spends more money, gives police more power,” Mr. Emery paused, “that sounds like Prohibition,” he finished.

It’s a culture of imprisonment vs liberation. Why should the Canadian identity continue to be threatened by the deliberation of working overtime to getting it wrong? Don Davies found this out when he rightly called on the committee to extend the hearings by a few days since the disconnect was as bright as rainbows. Although an extension was originally recommended by the Liberals, a recorded vote defeated his motion. Don Davies will not be allowed to further the dance as the pied piper of truth.

It’s smoke screen vs smoke out. Stay strong, stay green, the meanies still think they are rational.