The Rising Popularity of Vaping Cannabis Oil and Dry Herb

CANNABIS CULTURE – Why has vaporization become such a popular method of ingesting cannabis oil or dry herbs? We’ll take a look at a few reasons why vaporizing has become so popular.

One reason for the rise in popularity of vaporizing, rather than smoking, marijuana is the perception that it is the healthier choice. Essentially, vaporizing heats the cannabis without carbonizing it, which some people believe reduces the harmful carcinogens inhaled. We know that over 100 toxins are released when cannabis is burned. These toxins are reportedly eliminated or greatly reduced when vaporized because there isn’t enough heat to cause the product to burn.

In 2014, a study of 100 subjects who both smoked and vaporized cannabis reported several advantages over smoking. These advantages included lack of the tell-tale smell and better taste when compared to smoking. The same subjects reported that the same amount of product produced a greater effect when vaporized compared to smoking.

It is also found that novice and inexperienced users prefer vaporization to smoking because the vapor can be inhaled in short puffs rather than deep breaths. Novice users also seem to prefer the low odor that is produced with vaporization when compared to traditional smoking methods.

It’s not just the vaporization of dry herb that has become more popular. There are some that believe that the vaporization of cannabis oils will become more popular than buds. The Global Drug Survey 2015 found that vaporizing butane hash oil (BHO) is more popular than smoking cannabis in a joint with tobacco. Another source indicating the trend of vaporizing overtaking smoking is Leafly, which is the Yelp of the marijuana industry. According to Leafly, a full 33% of their reviewers now vaporize rather than smoke their cannabis.

In fact, vaporizers account for 41% of all cannabis consumption, compared to 29% for joints. Indeed, one of the main reasons for this rise in popularity is the clandestine nature of vaporizers. This might be a selling point for medical marijuana patients who do not want to be seen as doing something “taboo” and instead believe that a vaporizer feels much more like medicating than smoking cannabis via traditional means. In fact, medical marijuana patients may be the biggest reason for the rise in popularity of vaporization of cannabis and cannabis oil. Many medical marijuana patients have conditions that affect their lungs and are unable to withstand the harsh smoke that combustion methods produce. However, using a dry herb vaporizer is less harsh and is often a method that they can use to get the medicinal compounds into their system more quickly than edibles or pill forms allow.

It’s not just a trend in the United States – Canada is reporting similar growth in vaporizer and cannabis oil consumption. According to Health Canada, cannabis oil sale growth was stronger than both the number of registered plants and the growth in dried marijuana sales. Aurora Cannabis, Inc. just saw record sales of cannabis oils and it is assumed that other manufacturers of cannabis oils are experiencing similar growth.

Eaze, which is the Uber for cannabis deliveries operating in California, said that between 2015 and 2016, sales for marijuana oil cartridges used specifically for vaping soared 400%. Eaze even releases an annual “State of Marijuana Report.” The survey report found that in December of 2015, marijuana oil cartridges accounted for just 6% of Eaze’s total sales. By December 2016, that number had shot up to 24%. In addition, 1 out of every 5 orders included a marijuana oil cartridge.

Another reason for the upsurge in vaporizing? Well, it’s attracting Silicon Valley’s top minds, which is driving innovation in the vaporizer industry. There are now devices to fit what users want: whether it be ease of use, portability, design, or cost.

There are many reasons that vaporizing cannabis oil and flower has risen in popularity over the years and there is no doubt that it will continue to rise in popularity. As vaporizers become more and more innovative and as more and more consumers are turned towards vaporizing as a more efficient, healthier, and less odorous method of consuming cannabis, it will no doubt overtake smoking as the preferred method of marijuana ingestion for both medicinal and recreational users alike.


Feature photo courtesy Metro News