Ontario Plan to Sell Legal Weed No Match for B.C.’s Existing Industry

Ontario’s plan to sell marijuana from government-operated stores would never fly in B.C., a local pot advocate said.

Vancouver’s Dana Larsen suggested a provincial government store could never compete with established and independent dispensaries in offering the same variety of products that consumers seek – such as different strains and edibles – and that the Ontario government won’t be able to open shops fast enough to keep pace with demand.

“Police raids aside, I don’t think this model of legalization competes at all with what current dispensaries can offer,” he told Postmedia from Toronto, where he was attending the Karma Cup cannabis competition and festival on Saturday.

“The only way that they’re going to eliminate dispensaries under this model is repeated raids and that will not turn all those customers towards the legal stores – some of them might – but a lot of them will simply return to the underground black market where they came from.”

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