Congress is Ready to Push Back Against Jeff Sessions’ Anti-Marijuana Policies

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ anti-marijuana policies are obviously unpopular amongst the pro-legalization crowd. But it turns out even members of Congress aren’t supporting his anti-drug crusades, and they’re getting ready to do something about it.

According to the Washington Post, Congress is set to renew a set of protections that prevents the Department of Justice from using federal funds to intervene in the affairs of states with legalized medicinal marijuana. The amendment was first passed three years ago and is set to expire in the near future, but a proposal with bipartisan support is expected to be included in a new budget about to be passed by Congress.

In June, a letter leaked to the public in which Sessions argued the amendment would prevent the Department of Justice from enforcing the Controlled Substances Act, but it appears his pleas have fallen on deaf ears. Congressman Earl Blumenauer told the Washington Post, “This is the most sympathetic Congress we’ve ever had to issues of cannabis.”

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