4 Reasons Weed is Medically Awesome for People Over 45

You’re never too old for weed — at least, that’s according to a new study that shows seniors are the fastest growing marijuana consumers. Published by researchers from the New York University School of Medicine and Columbia University, the study looked at a 2016 survey on drug use, and found some surprising results.

“The prevalence of cannabis use has increased significantly in recent years among U.S. adults aged … [over]50 years,” the researchers concluded. Specifically, the study found marijuana use among people aged 50 to 65 has increased nearly 60 percent over the past decade, while usage among those aged 65-plus is up a whopping 250 percent.

While the research clearly shows cannabis users are far more diverse than the stereotypical college stoner, it also poses an interesting question of its own: why do middle aged and senior Americans love weed so much?

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