The Official Guide to Being a Good Weed Citizen

From proper dosing to odor control to public-consumption boundaries, our guide to life out of the cannabis closet.

Like it or not, using cannabis in 2017 is a political statement. Gone are the days when potheads and party-tokers would puff discreetly on whatever schwag they could get their hands on, with little thought beyond fear of getting caught. Now, all of the assumptions, stereotypes and misinformation of the past are being carefully reconsidered. There are brands and ballot initiatives to consider. Opinions are changing. Pot shops are thriving. Stigmas are shifting. And that means that anyone who spritzes a weed tincture under her tongue before a movie or unwinds with a joint on a Friday night has something of an obligation to represent our kind – the recreational marijuana users of America – in a conscientious way.

Whether you’re livening up a dinner party with some gourmet infused cookies or scoring some unlabeled bud from your dealer for your friend’s mom, it is important to consider how to be a good weed citizen. When it comes to marijuana, very few people trust the information that comes from traditional authority figures – doctors, government, media – because so much of what has been said in the past has been false. As a result, most people get their pot knowledge through word of mouth.

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