How to Throw a Cannabis-Infused Dinner Party

The waning ritual of a home-hosted communal meal, à la the classic dinner party, is back with a major revamp thanks to the growing legalization of cannabis. One of the women at the helm of this burgeoning movement is chef Andrea Drummer, Los Angeles’s go-to personal chef for cannabis-infused haute cuisine. After pursuing a long-held passion for cooking after years of working as a drug counselor for nonprofits like Planned Parenthood—an irony not lost on Drummer—the Le Cordon Bleu–trained chef now sings the praises of incorporating the herb in the kitchen: “I want to offer a different perspective. I was a staunch advocate against cannabis and now wholeheartedly, with every fiber of my being, believe it should be legalized globally. Consuming cannabis and dining are a perfect marriage to me. It’s a new way to engage the possibilities of alternative medicine and to engage with friends, really engage. That’s the beautiful thing: At every dinner I’ve hosted there’s no one on their phone. You may have a few people take Snapchats of the food at the beginning, and then away goes the phone. Everyone is engaged with each other and learning and having the greatest time.”

Guests lucky enough to procure a coveted invitation to the secret monthly tastings (it’s invite-only with a four-month wait list) enjoy a curated menu tailored around their individual palate and desired high. Craving something savory with the repose of an indica strain? Perhaps the lobster mac ‘n’ cheese with étouffée sauce and bacon bit garnishes will do the trick. Looking to satiate that sweet tooth and get the creative juices bubbling? Have some brûléed bread pudding with caramel sauce, Chantilly cream, and seasonal berries, infused with Girl Scout cookies. It’s a welcome reprieve from the limitations of potent hash brownies and shoddily rolled smokes while creating a new way for people to connect. Plus, all ingredients are organic and locally sourced through Drummer’s dispensary Elevation VIP Cooperative, offering diners all the fun without morning-after gluttonous guilt. Hosting dinners may be on the decline and the perpetual temptation of takeout looms strong, but as exemplified by Drummer’s gatherings and rave reviews to boot, there’s no elixir quite like the intimacy born from good company and freed inhibitions over a fine meal.

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