Governor Legalizes Smoking Weed With Friends and Allows State to Certify “Organic” Cannabis

Earlier today, Governor Jay Inslee signed that big “omnibus bill” of pot laws that cleared the Washington legislature last month. The omnibus bill combined more than a dozen different legal changes to cannabis law in our state, including forward progress on legalizing growing pot at home and creating the country’s first state-run organic certification program for weed.

The governor has also just legalized the right for adults to share a joint, pass that bong, or load up your dab rig with a friend without fear of breaking state law. Unbeknownst to most people, the law that legalized recreational pot in 2012 expressly forbids adults from sharing pot with each other, even in amounts as tiny as a gram loaded into a glass bowl. That aspect of the law doesn’t appear to have ever been enforced, so this is more of a legal cleanup than a change with a lot of practical implications.

As for the creation of an “organic” certification program for cannabis through the Washington State Department of Agriculture:

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