What To Be Aware Of When You Buy Medical Marijuana Online

Medical marijuana has been legal in Canada for the past four years and in that time the country has seen huge changes in the cannabis industry, both in terms of production and fulfillment. In fact, there’s been so much change, the current Government of Canada formed a task force that outlined a new system to legalize and regulate cannabis. The advice laid out in the report is now being considered by the federal government and legislation is being developed.

In time we could have tens of thousands of legal cannabis dispensaries throughout the country, similar to liquor stores. But the fastest, easiest and safest way to buy medical marijuana in Canada is still through a reputable online store and distribution company. And it will always be that way because online shopping is easy and discreet – provided you know what you’re doing!

Until the early 2000s, the only way patients could buy medical marijuana products was via a friend or “dealer” or friend of a friend. That changed when people and companies started mailing orders directly to customers’ doors. Nowadays there are hundreds of sites and ads on such classified services as Craigslist offering “the best bud” for a “fraction of the price.” The problem with most of these services is the customer doesn’t know if their reputable or not. How do you make sure what you are ordering is what you will receive? Or the quality standards are controlled?

The first thing every customer should know about how to buy medical marijuana online is to use a legitimate, proven, certified medical marijuana dispensary. It’s important to follow the adage which states “offers that seem too good to be true usually are.” You don’t want to  succumb to a hustler nor do you want to be caught up in an illegal operation. To that end, don’t ever buy medical marijuana through someone in a forum, on Facebook or via Craigslist because chances are the transaction will be illegal.

Here are a few other guidelines to follow when looking to buy marijuana online:

  • Make sure to use a site you can trust
  • Use a site that has been around for awhile, which means it has complied with medical marijuana legislation
  • Ensure the company is registered to sell their product
  • Read the reviews

To illustrate the above points, let’s look at one company through which customers can buy medical marijuana online. Goldbuds.ca has clearly laid out in its FAQ section the guidelines required to buy medical marijuana via its website. It also explains the legalities of the transaction, stipulating that, “In the early 2000’s, mail-ordering product to clients and customers was introduced and since then has been expedited and is now a very common procedure, with no known cases of seized packages. Canada Post has announced they will not stop packages with cannabis in them. At this time, senders may face risks, but receivers should not.”

That type of honest disclosure is what a customer should look for when searching sites through which to buy medical marijuana. Also, the above site in the example has plenty of customer reviews about the many different products on offer and explains what to do should a package ever go missing in the mail. That’s a far cry from the assurances someone will make when setting up a transaction online from an unknown source.

The other notable point about the Goldbuds.ca site is its two-way dialogue – customers are encouraged to check in with any questions via the “Contact Us” page and the company also offers the “Budvine” blog, which is where questions such as “What is CBD oil?” and “What’s the difference between THC and CBD?” are answered.

Now that you have a sense of what a reputable website is like, here are some other tips about what to look for when you want to buy medical marijuana.

#1. Online Ordering Is Still Best

It’s true that more dispensaries are opening up around Canada but when you want to buy medical marijuana, the best option is still through a legitimate online source. Online medical marijuana dispensaries are the safest and most discreet way to buy cannabis products. The sales process is private, convenient and the only way to service all Canadian communities, no matter how small. It’s also an excellent system for those who are critically ill and incapacitated or for those suffering mental illness because the product is shipped directly to your door. As mentioned above, however, it’s imperative you choose a good company to buy medical marijuana online because your package will be sent in a way to ensure it’s impossible to detect what’s inside. For example, in the case of GoldBuds.ca, the company double seals every order to ensure it is odourless, and then puts it in standard Canada Post packaging that does not disclose the contents on the package or labelling.

#2. Ensure you have a good selection

The best part about going to buy medical marijuana online is the vast selection offered. Most brick and mortar dispensaries are limited to local items given the legalities of importing and shipping copious amount of cannabis products but online medical marijuana dispensaries do not have any such limitations. Which is why our example company, Goldbuds.ca has more than 300 medicinal marijuana products for sale. Aside from its own offerings, which range from wholesale bud mixes to smokeable indica, sativa and hybrid products, the online dispensary also represents 29 other vendors from the likes of Beard Brothers and King Louis Edibles to Exclusive Extracts and Vannabis. You’ll event find Sciencelab Sunscreen, made with a solvent-less extracted cannabis oil, and Avocado Tears, which is a four-millilitre oral syringe that contains 240 milligrams of THC – perfect for drizzling over a salad.

#3. Know The Product You’re Ordering

Not only is it important to find a reputable online store through which you can buy medical marijuana legitimately and read the reviews of its products, it is also important to know ahead of time what product is right for you. Perhaps a conversation with your doctor is in order to decide whether an indica, sativa or hybrid strain is best for your condition. And if smoking isn’t your preferred method of ingestion, what type of consumables are best for you, both in terms of medicinal properties and taste? There’s plenty of research online to help guide you in the right direction. For example, Mark Pupo, a restaurant reviewer for Toronto Life magazine, did a taste test of a few of the edibles carried by Goldbuds.ca and of the brownies from Green Penguin Delights, he said, they “are pleasingly dense and reminded me of those ‘two-bite’ supermarket versions.”

Remember, if you are in a small town or incapacitated due to health concerns, Goldbuds is a great place to begin.It’s easy to buy medical marijuana online but it’s important to do some homework first to ensure the company you’re dealing with is legitimate.