Heady Hikes: The First Head Out

POT TV – It’s the hike for those who absolutely love dabs, heady glass, and most importantly: nature!

We wanted to bring together everyone from our amazing community and we noticed that a lot of people wanted to enjoy nature, but want to be able to medicate efficiently and safely during a hike.

With Heady Hikes, we teach proper safety procedures and dabetiquettes during hikes to ensure safety of all people and to be able to have an amazing time with nature and to enjoy themselves as they medicate.

We talk Heady; the glass, the dabs, the hike, the group, and the nature is glorious for the hikers who seeks pure enjoyment with self, others, and nature.

We had an amazing time at Lynn Canyon; it was indeed one of the best meet-ups in nature anyone has had in a while. We found an amazing spot called Bed Rocks down at the headwaters, which consisted of the stream flowing through rocks and around the group. We all had a deep connection to nature at this visit, and we certainly came out in bliss. This was our first hike, and there is more to come!

These Hikes are made possible by our Proud Sponsors:
Three Happy Cats
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See more Heady Hikes. Video by Tommy Bong.