Cannabis Day Coming to Downtown Vancouver Despite City’s Objection

POT TV – A Cannabis Day battle is brewing between the City of Vancouver and pot proponents over a traditional Canada Day gathering at the Art Gallery. The organizers of Cannabis Day, an annual anti-prohibition protest in downtown Vancouver, have vowed to move forward despite receiving a cease-and-desist letter from the city. The event, which coincides with Canada Day, is a smaller-scale version of the massive 4/20 gathering held every year, and takes place at the same public space behind the Vancouver Art Gallery. But like 4/20, Cannabis Day has grown popular enough to warrant stages, booths and tents – something city officials have warned would violate multiple bylaws.

Marijuana advocate Jodie Emery said they’ve been holding Cannabis Day at the same location for decades without causing any trouble, and they’re not about to stop. “They’d like us to move the event elsewhere, but unfortunately this is a protest,” Emery said. “We’re going to be there peacefully protesting prohibition and celebrating cannabis on our national holiday as we have for 20 years.” Emery said they will be forgoing the planned stage, tents and booths, however. Thousands of dollars that was raised to independently pay for security, first aid and toilets is being refunded to vendors. “The professional element, the organization, that unfortunately will not be there this year,” she said. “It will be back to our roots of holding up signs and saying, ‘Legalize marijuana, stop arresting people for pot.’” Emery said the opposition from the city, which came about just three weeks before the event, was unexpected, and may have to do with backlash from this year’s 4/20.