Former Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair Legalization Is The Way Forward

POT TV – Bill Blair shares Justin Trudeau’s view on legalizing marijuana. “I’ve had some great conversations with the Liberals and with Mr. Trudeau. I think legalization, as long it’s coupled with regulation, is the way forward,” The Conservatives have condemned Trudeau’s stance, but Blair said the current laws have done little to keep marijuana out of the hands of young people or organized crime from profiting from its sale.

Bill Blair is jumping into federal politics after a decade-long tenure as Toronto police chief and intends to run as the Liberal candidate in the riding of Scarborough Southwest. The recruitment of Blair is a coup for Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and a boost for the Liberals in Toronto and across the country, given the profile of the former police chief, a senior party official told the Star.

Blair shares Trudeau’s view on legalizing marijuana saying “The decision to sell marijuana to a 14-year-old is often made by a gangster behind some apartment building,” Blair said. “In my conversations with Mr. Trudeau, I felt there was a tremendous alignment in our values,” Blair said. “It really for me articulated some of the things I really believe in and the things that I think make communities safer and more livable,” Blair said.


UPDATED: NEWS | Apr 26, 2015 | 10:29pm
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Former Toronto police chief seeking federal Liberal nomination in the riding of Scarborough Southwest