Big Brother Canada Happy 420

Sarah Hanlon A free-spirited Hemployee from Toronto and self-proclaimed grown-up version of Lisa Simpson. Age: 27 Hometown: Toronto, ON Occupation: Hemployee at Vapor Central Houseguests Sarah & Pilar use there imaginations to celebrate 4/20 #BBCAN3 #420 Big Brother should give the house guests a joint or something for the holiday lmao #BBCan3. haha watching @BigBrotherCA 420 episode! love me some Sarah!! #cantwealljustgetabong #vapegirl Canada rocks for paying tribute to 420. #BBCAN3 Loved the ode to #420 in tonight’s #BBCAN3. Definitely wouldn’t see that in the US version! I can’t believe #BBCAN3 ran a 420 segment! Haha. 420 sober celebrations on a national network. Yup. It’s not a big deal. #BBCAN3 420 segment !!!!!!! lets seee #CBS have the balls to do this.

Poor Sarah RIP in the house on 420 day #BBCAN3 Sarah running around handing out a fake joint for 420 lolol #BBCAN3 Sarah is running around the bed room yelling “Happy 420”. #BBCAN3 Sarah/Britt are dancing around singing “FO-twenny! FO-twenny!” #bbcan3 #420 Please let them be smoking weed while the feeds are down. #420 #BBCAN3 “My type of cannon has 3 papers and a filter” LMFAO Sarah you are the best #BBCAN3 @BigBrotherCA #420 #POV


Describe yourself in three words: Open-minded. Goofy. Smart. Do you have a strategy to win Big Brother Canada? I have too many strategies. I want to be the Queen of the Misfits – the leading force among the people who are seen as the misfits of the house. I want to be what unites the stragglers. The cool kids in the house will initially make the rules and then everyone will get sick of being told what to do by them. I’ll wait until the misfits are just sick enough and then I’ll snap into high gear. That’s when it’ll get real and I’ll show people that I’m in it to win it.

If you could take one thing inside the house, what would it be and why? I would take my television. I’m such a TV addict and a total media junkie. Reality TV is my thing because I’m a Sociology dork.