From Under the Seed Desk with Marijuana Man: Our IQs Have Dropped to 420

POT TV – Marijuana Man is back at the Seed Desk and broadcasting LIVE every Wednesday at 4PM Pacific on From Under the Seed Desk. On today’s show: Our IQs Have Dropped to 420.

Yesterday was 4/20 – the collective celebration of cannabis held in cities around the world. We bring you up to date on the latest from the successful Vancouver event and deconstruct some of the fall out.

Grab a joint and join the chat.


In his weekly show From Under the Seed Desk, Greg Williams (also known as Marijuana Man), manager of the Pot TV Network and one of Prince of Pot Marc Emery’s co-accused in his international seed-selling case, talks directly with viewers about marijuana, hemp, the drug war, pot politics and anything else he wants to discuss.

Marijuana Man is joined by Mz Kush Queen and growing expert Al the Alchemist for the broadcast LIVE every Wednesday from the new location of The Vancouver Seed Bank at CCHQ. Cannabis Culture editor Jeremiah Vandermeer takes your questions in the Livestream chatroom.