Hug Your Dealer Day Sunday April 19 2015

CANNABIS CULTURE – Leading up to the ganja greatness that is 4/20, your weed dealer does more running around than a parent with four kids shopping for Christmas gifts. Therefore the day before 4/20, Sunday Apr. 19, 2015, has been set aside as International Hug Your Weed Dealer Day #hugyourdealer.

The pot dealer plays an important role in the war on prohibition by selling their weedy wares to customers who are forced to seek out marijuana in shady surrounds. The day of recognition is to draw attention to their plight by providing them loving encouragement to Keep on Dealing.

#hugyourdealer day is a great activity for cannabis dispensaries to be involved in. It allows patients to provide personal support to the people who are risking their freedom by selling medical marihuana.
Some cannabis enthusiasts have to call ten different people to find some pot, while others have a regular hook up. There is nothing better than having a regular dealer who has quality goods – and this person deserves a hug once a year.

By setting aside a date, the dealer will anticipate a hug from the thoughtful tokers in their lives and a hug won’t alarm them. Cannabis enthusiasts will remember to thank the guy or gal who sells them ganja. If your dealer is not into hugging, a high-five will suffice.

People who do not have a regular dealer need to become involved in International Hug Your Dealer Day because they may find the hugged dealer is the returning-phone-calls kind of pot dealer.
Who: People who sell cannabis. Commonly referred to as the pot dealer

What: International Hug Your Dealer Day #hugyourdealer
When: Sunday Apr. 19, 2015
Where: Anywhere cannabis is sold
Why: Because Weed Dealers Be Fighting Prohibition By Selling You Pot

Matt Mernagh is a Canadian marijuana activist and regular contributor to Cannabis Culture. His book, Marijuana Smoker’s Guidebook: The Easy Way To Identify and Enjoy Marijuana Strains is available via Amazon or iTunes.