Rosin Tech: Larger Production Methods

CANNABIS CULTURE – Find out how to make large amounts of solvent-less marijuana rosin from your buds using a t-shirt press, in Johnny B’s latest Rosin Tech video.

So far in his The Death of BHO series, Johnny B has demonstrated how to extract high quality shatter-like cannabis rosin using a portable hair-straightener (called “The Traveller”).

In his latest video in the series, we find out how to use a t-shirt heat press to extract larger amounts of rosin:

The method uses no butane, alcohols, or other solvents and produces an amazingly pure and clean product.

Explore Rosin Tech extraction techniques further on the Rosin Techs Facebook page.

Photo above by heavyicerx who wrote: “I’ve been working on this dab all day. Foreground is probiotic bluedream flowerrosin and in the back is organic chernobyl.”