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POT TV – Stoner Sundays SHOW 209!! Mike Rita is on Tour, but BACK tonight at Vapor Central Just found out that i get to fly back to Toronto tonight before flying out to California! Which means ill get to host my beautiful Stoner Sundays at Vapor Central !!! This is going to be a rare appreance for the next couple months as ill be touring around Canada so if you want to have a fun night of comedy and weed TONIGHTS THE NIGHT !!! 9PM ritathehuman 37 minutes ago · Halifax Stanfield International Airport Love life and it will love you back. Been a fun east coast trip. Toronto see you tonight! #StonerSundays #Porter #Toronto #Halifax #YukYuks #VaporCentral #CelebrationDabs #DoubleDab #NfldWax #LastOfTheWax #IWantTorontoShadder

Follow Mike on Instagram @MikeRitaTheHuman and Twitter @RitaTheSir I have an all-star lineup of comedians coming to perform on my show tonight @vaporcentral See you tonight! showtimes 9pm #StonerSundays #VaporCentral #WCGD

Hey Mike Rita, I read an article about a new drug called Shatter and I’m really worried about you. The article includes a warning by police that “Shatter” AKA “Dabs” is highly concentrated THC. Apparently it’s 70-80% more concentrated than a marijuana cigarette and costs about $100 a gram. Mike I know for a fact you smoke dabs, and I just want to say that I love you and you’re better than this. I don’t want you to waste so much on this potent drug. In my heart of hearts, I hope you’ll take this seriously. I’m a friend, and I hope you’ll hear me when I say this: You can for sure get a better deal than $100 a gram. Dom Pare

The comments on this are even funnier. A bunch of people just saying ” it’s weed oil and it’s been around for decades” Old folks love dabs to. This is stupid and needs to be rewritten. Mike Rita

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