The CK POTcast 106 The Roast of K Trevor Wilson Birthday Show

POT TV – THE CK-POTcast! The Roast of K Trevor Wilson Birthday Show. Happy birthday K. Trev! Yours is one worth celebrating! smile emoticon. Yo dude, hey, yo, yo bro, yo, dude bro, you checkin’ out the CK-POTcast tonight bro? Bro, bro, bro, bro, do it, bro just bro dude, bro check it out. Tonight on the show, Roast Master for K. Trev, his dirty, more drunk, nastier, colossal piece of human garbage clone, and my friend, Jeff Paul! 9pm Bitches at the best weed lounge in the universe Vapor Central. — with Alex Wood, Jeff Paul, Matt Oliver, Chris Goodwin, K. Trevor Wilson and Erin Goodwin.

Mondays With @KTrevorWilson and @CalPost, sometimes one or the other, LIVE on @VaporCentral It’s monday again, and that means If anyone on this roast secretly does porn could you let all know beforehand cause I’d hate 2 find something like that out 2 days after the roast. 9pm Check out all the MP3 Potcasts… It’s me, It’s the big guy K. Trevor Wilson and Monday I have 2 callbacks for TV shows. Fingers crossed, it’s the incredibly vile CK POTcast! 9pm — with Erin Goodwin and 4 others at Vapor Central.

K Trevor Wilson at 7:10pm
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