The Redbeard Show #60: From Chaos Comes Order – and Bongs, Part 4 (Crossing the Finish Line)

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Today in the show: We’ll finish up this four-part series. Redbeard will demonstrate handmade male and female joints, attaching marbles, and final assembly of this custom bong.

We’ll also be looking at some very healthy cannabis plants, and we’ll talk more about advanced pruning techniques like defoliation and ‘supercropping’.

My legal garden is loving their new Remo Nutrients! We’ll look at some Jordan of the Islands, and House of the Great gardener genetics.

Big thanks to my sponsors, The Vancouver Seed Bank and Tokers’ Lounge, Kind Selections, Beard Bros. Concentrate, Prairie Mountain Medibles, Shatterbeard, DirtyDave Ltd., and Remo Nutrients!


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