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POT TV – WEEDY WEDNESDAYS 403 at Vapor Central Pro Stand Up Comedy Show. TONIGGHHHHHHTAAAAHHH! IN TORONTO at Vapor Central, we got an unbelieberble show!! Pre-packaged filth for your brain in Toronto tonight for Weedy Wednesday at Vapor Central with humble comedy emperor, Hunter Collins guest hosting a cornocanabia of hilarious jokeonauts including headliner and the Master Splinter of pot comics, Jon Steinberg! Supporting actz, Jonathan Baum and Ryan Long are two high energy humanoids with lotz to spray so getcha dope cru and get down to 667 YoNgE sTrEeT dOnWtOwN t-DaWt at 9pm for the new dawn of comedic fuckery!! CUM!!!

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Heille les Montréalais! Je cherche embaucher quelqu’un pour enregistrer l’audio de mes spectacles d’humour la fin de semaine du 12-14 Mars. Un show le jeudi et vendredi, deux shows le samedi. Comme c’est dans le but d’enregistrer un album, il me faudrais des micros pour enregistrer la foule aussi. Si vous connaissez quelqu’un avec accès à l’équipement qui veut se faire un peu de pognon, qu’ils m’envoyent un message. Merci trois fois! Hunter Collins

2NITE at Vapor Central! Someone call up Lunette, her fucked-up clown grandma and that jerkoff on the unicycle, ’cause we’ve got new big comfy couches that seat even more of you sedated maniacs than ever before! Resist the temptation to pass out in public before this eclectic line-up of joketellers:Nicholas Reynoldson and Pat MacDonald open up for Comedy Records founder and deadly stand-up snipah/headliner Barry Taylor!!! And your host, the last bastion of modesty and a gift to the planet, “International Television Juggernaut” Big Game Hunter Collins! So make like measles and “come back” to Vapor Central, where your worst nightmares go to get skunked! 667 YONGE. 9PM. NO FLAGELLUM.

Bryan O’Gorman TONIGHT IN TORONTO, MY BABY, ‘WEEDY WEDNESDAYS’ TURNS 400 SHOWS OLD!! I’ve been hosting at Vapor Central for 8 years and I’m still just glad we’re all not in Jail!! I’m in Australia and Hunter Collins died somewhere in Hoboken last night, so Man Mountain of comedy, Trevor Wilson will be hosting along with Nick Beaton headlining and Jeff Paul, Andrew Barr and Vandad Kardar opening up!! Vapor Central is the jet fuel that powers my interstellar comedy rocket and it still trips me out to see how this has evolved from a few stoners with big hearts and big balls, to an entire scene of people touching hearts and balls. Make no mistake about it, Vapor Central was the first lounge to openly allow smoking and vaping inside for the general public, the first to pay comics with money, the first one to allow advertising for the shows AND the first place that didn’t look like someone’s shitty garage had been decorated by a 14 year old. I’m also super proud to say I’ve paid every comic who’s been booked on my show, even when the payout was 50 bucks, we shared it, still do. We didn’t just pay the headliner and pocket the rest, we didn’t lie about how much was being made, we didn’t pay people based on wether they had a bad night or not, it’s been the same percentage cuts from the beginning and THAT mon bitches, is what initially got this quality quontrolled quomedy train rollin. Fairness in art via other artists, whatta crazy concept! Now VC pays out more money every week to comedians than alnost any of the Toronto comedy clubs. Boom. Good comics came and kept coming and that stage has seen some of the greatest comics in the world performing to the most sedated audience in history! Sweet life, kid. I love seeing my friends grow, I love seeing all the new vapor lounges and shows pop up and I love fucking the man through love and laughter. All I ever wanted a place to make people laugh and Chris Goodwin just wanted a place to make people high. Simple baby. Stir that up with some business ethics and now VC has grown to 6 shows a week with 8 different hosts, an internet channel and a 15,000 person rally every year it’s responsible for. Sometimes I think about when it was just 5 people in the audience and I was standing on a milk crate, but that’s hacky so then I think about tits. We worked hard, we fucked hard. Now I travel to clubs and theatres and bars in different cities all over the world but I always end up back at Vapor cause it’s still the only place in the world run by a businessman I trust who always has a joint. Things get weird in ways you never think they would, but even if it all goes to shit timarra, I know what we’ve done actually changed something. We made things better. For comics and for the world. Eat a dick, guidance councilor. Here’s to a zillion more shows!! Cheeeyyyaaaa!! See More

— with Prime Minister Andrew Barr, K. Trevor Wilson, Jeff Paul, Hunter Collins, Nick Beaton, Chris Goodwin and Erin Goodwin at Vapor Central.

Tonight at Vapor Central 9pm doors 667 YoNgE sTrEeT dOwNtOwN t-DaWt ~~Where everyone knows your name but totally can’t remember it right now but they’re suuuper sorry about it and will remember it next time…fur shurrr.
Bryan O’Gorman, Weedy Wednesdays