TMZ 194 Inside Dope On Allard et al CEN Biotech & CSSDP Conference

POT TV – The Mernahuana Zone. A slew of live news interviews is lined for Tuesday Feb. 24 webisode of The Mernahuana Zone. This week TMZ reveals more details about the cannabus tour and we speak with the organizers of Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy conference, which the tour is a part of. Wolf of Weed St skypes in about CEN Biotech and other marijuana investment news and Cannabis Culture editor Jeremiah Vandermeer skypes from the #Allard hearing. The Mernahuana Zone webisode 194 Inside Dope on Alard, CEN Biotech and CSSDP Conference is shaping up to be a fantastic one. I’m sure they’ll be plenty of stoner fun to go with our serious tone this week.

This weekend we take a school bus load of university students on a wild ride through streets of Toronto pointing out places like Rochdale, we’ll teach them to dab, vaporize, and most importantly Toronto Cannabis History. excitedly nervous. Bus tour is going to be filmed by VICE. Toronto’s cannabis history will be preserved. The justice system must watch The Mernahuana Zone – why else would they book MP Dean Del Mastro on Tuesday Apr. 28 for sentencing. Canadians have been victimized by him. I can think of no more of a heinous crime. We the ppl demand 2 yrs less a day in Lindsay! Prohibitionist crank call tonight on The Mernahuana Zone! Mernagh vs Ontario Attorney General.


745PM Wolf of Weed St (Skype)
845pm Jeremiah Vandermeer Cannabis Culture (Skype)
930pm CSSDP (in person)


820pm Crop King Seeds 420 Bud Swap, watch stoners trade cannabis with each other narrated by Erin Goodwin.
920pm Bud Buddy The Weight Is Right, watch stoners guess the correct weed weight from our co-sponsor #WhoCaresGetDoped.

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