TheWeedGuy: B.O.B. “Airplanes” and TheWeedGuy Get Baked, Eh?

POT TV – TheWeedGuy, aka Mark Klokeid, is founder of and the medical marijuana dispensaries in Vancouver. Watch his smoke-fests on Pot TV.

In this episode: Musical Artist Bobby Ray and Pot activist Mark Klokeid aka TheWeedGuy get BAKED at Mega iLL in beautiful British Columbia. Mega Chill located next door has such amazing strains as Advanced Nutrients grown cup winner Chocolope and Tuna Kush in a can. Mega iLL is located at 646 Kingsway has whole wheat hemp heart pizza. After you eat feel free to have a dab of Rumpelstiltskin budder or Black Tuna kush. Rocky Mountain Kush and Jack Herer are wonderful strains available. With Bitcoin accepted and Pac Man and video games ready to be played you have no excuse not to come check it out. All dispensary cards accepted just bring picture id. But no matter what dont forget to ENJOY LIFE like there’s no tomorrow. Subscribe for more videos and click on links below for more information.

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