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POT TV – Stoner Sundays SHOW 203!! Mike Rita tonight at Vapor Central !! On my way home from my show in Winterpeg, Maniscolda. Amazing experience but i cant wait to get back Toronto and host Stoner Sundays tonight at Vapor Central. Tomorrows a holiday so no excuse to not come out tonight ?#?StonerSundays? ?#?VaporCentral? ?#?Toronto? ?#?ComedyLife? Follow Mike on Instagram @MikeRitaTheHuman and Twitter @TweetsFromReets IF YOU STILL DONT KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING TONIGHT START MAKING PLANS TO COME WATCH MY STONER SUNDAYS SHOW AT Vapor Central sHOWTIMES 9:20PM AT 667 YONGE ST aka Vapor Central

Last Night Was Pure Fire In The Peg !! Honestly just an amazing crowd, venue and experience to be able to be a voice for portuguese people in the comedy world. Thank you all for the support ?#?Winnipeg? and as always we’ll have giveaways from our sponsors @herb_elixir & @whocaresgetdoped


Mike Rita: TONIGHT IS MY 201ST STONER SUNDAYS SHOW !!!! We started this show when i was 21 years old a few months after winning The Tim Sims Encouragement Fund Award and it has become Torontos best underground show! We sell-out each week and we have one of the largest followings of any comedy show in the country, and its all because of the hard work from the staff and performers. If i could thank anyone for the shows success its the fans and friends who each week come out, get high, and enjoy the show, you guys allow many young performers to taste the stage for the first time and scare the shit out of pros who expect big laughs and just get big smiles and nods. The picture below is the first promo poster i ever made for my show and its still my favorite one ever! SHOWTIME TONIGHT IS 9:20PM !!!! Anyone wanna join me at Vapor Central tonight for Stoner Sundays featuring the very funny Mr. Mike Rita??? Show starts around 9.

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