TMZ 190 Examines Medical Marijuana In Montreal & LA

POT TV – The Mernahuana Zone. Tuesday on TMZ we interview Sante Cannabis executive director Adam Greenblatt about how the clinic is helping Quebecers access legal medicine. We’re going to talk about marijuana strain Jean Guy and maybe Greenblatt will drop news about more doctors joining Sante Cannabis’s team. After Crop King Seeds 420 Bud Swap we’ll have LA Speed Weed – a medical marihuana delivery service out of Los Angeles. Also we’ll do one of TMZ’s best segments, crank calling a prohibitionist or advocate.

Howard Marks Is Dieing. “I’ve come to terms with it in my own way – which for me was about learning how to cry,” Marks, 69, said this weekend.


745pm Skype Adam Greenblatt Sante Cannabis
845pm Skype LA Speed Weed (TBC)


820pm Crop King Seeds 420 Bud Swap
920pm Bud Buddy Guess This Ganja


Stoned Mario Use the Arrow Keys to move *Use Spacebar to blow a cloud of intoxicating pot smoke at your enemies *Follow the on-screen commands and try not to die! In the later levels there’s a bird that tries to shit on you – avoid this little bastard! and Stoned PacMan


TMZ 188 Explored Lisa Campbell, who is one of the many organizers from Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy weekend conference. It was her idea to have Amy Anonymous and I host a bus tour highlighting the city’s stoner sights! The last cannabus tour took place in 2005. Want to sponsor this tour? Contact [email protected]

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