The Redbeard Show #53: Cookie Monster Build, Part 2

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On Today’s Episode of The Redbeard Show, we’ll try to finish off the Cookie Monster Bong started on last week’s show.

This bong will be auctioned off to raise money for Owen Smith’s momentous Supreme Court Trial challenging Canadian law to allow extracts for medicinal purposes. The idea that the healing part of the plant is not allowed to be isolated is ludicrous and is actually causing harm to sick people.

To donate to this legal battle, please visit their gofundme page ( Big thanks to Owen Smith and his legal team Kirk Tousaw and John Conroy.

Also big thanks to my sponsors The Vancouver Seed Bank and Tokers’ Lounge, Kind Selections, Shatterbeard Extracts, and DirtyDave Productions.


Roll one up, and gather ’round, it’s LIVE GLASSBLOWING, on Pot TV!