3rd Klass Thursdays 318 Hunter Collins

POT TV3RD KLASS THURSDAY 2NITE at Vapor Central! Apparently the Wynne government wants to take away our vapor lounges. Well I think I speak for stoners everywhere when I say, “Psssh, yo like, don’t…or whatever. Does anybody have any Rizlas?” So suck it, Wynne! Tonight’s hilarnimous line-up: Tim Golden! Patrick Hakeem! Brian Ward! Chris Robinson! Liam Kelly! And your host – the impossibly humble glorious beacon of unadulterated modesty, Hunter “The Draw” Collins! So make like the jizz on yo mamma’s leg and “slide down” to VC, where we only applaud the good Wynnes…Chris and Erin Goodwin, that is! 667 YONGE. 9PM. NO BRUTAL SECRETARY HAIRCUTS.

Vapor Central! It’s one of the only venues in the world where you can smoke weed and watch comedy! If you’re looking for a new experience or just want to escape the noise, swing by Toronto’s hidden gem around 9:00PM. Visit Vapor Central’s website or in person at 667 YONGE St., Toronto Plus, this year, I will smoke 420 joints!” Promise! 9PM, only at VAPOR CENTRAL! Check out Vapor Central on Twitter . Wednesdays & Thursdays means comedy and cannabis at Vapor Central in Toronto. So come toke out to Vapor Central and laugh it up with us. 667 YONGE. 9PM. NO COBRAS.

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