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POT TV – TORONTO! Tonight I’ll be hosting my bread and butter show STONER SUNDAYS 2NITE at Vapor Central! Don’t miss your chance to watch one of the best weekly shows in the country. This weeks musical guests are ‘Jama’ an insanely talented band from Russia and Dylan Hennessy will also be making an appearance ! And of course a stacked lineup of comedians as always ! Show starts around 9:20pm at 667 Yonge St , Vapor Central !

My NFLD trip has been postponed until Monday so that means I’m in town and I’ll be performing in the city tonight for A VERY MARY CHRISTMAS DINNER AND SHOW ! A show featuring some great pot friendly comedians and an amazing dinner as well. NFLD !! I’m coming Monday !!

Tonight’s Stoner Sundays will have two special guest appearances from two of my best friends from the comedy world. Chris Robinson and Paul Thompson will both be appearing @vaporcentral ! These two are two of the funniest comedians in Canada and we happen to be releasing a comedy album with @comedyrecords in about two months! What more does the world need #Friendship #Laughter #Peace #YoungWildAndKush — at Vapor Central.

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