The Redbeard Show #47: Lookin’ For My Marbles

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On Today’s Episode of The Redbeard Show, we’ll be Makin’ Marbles!

As most of you know, Redbeard ‘lost his marbles’ years ago … luckily he can make some new ones!! We’ll look at two different marble ‘interior designs’: The Galaxy and The Vortex, and 2 different ‘backing designs’: Dot Stacks & Pinwheeling.

As well as top Glassblowing Tips, Redbeard’s got some great GRassGRowing Tips too! Today we’ll look at some ripening canabis strains and talk about harvest time tips.

Big Thanks to my sponsors, The Vancouver Seed Bank and Tokers’ Lounge, Kind Selections, and Shatterbeard Extracts!


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