TMZ 181 We Smoke Marijuana In Toronto Vape Lounges

POT TV – Unlike High Times Cannabis Cup you will be able to continue to use torches, e-nails and inhale copious amounts of cannabis in Toronto vape lounges. Despite false flag media reports, Ontario Liberals are not banning bring your own marijuana vape lounges. The Libs do intend to beef up their tobacco laws by banning flavored tobacco, e-cigs and places where people inhale tobacco products, but not bring your own cannabis vape lounges. The new legislation doesn’t contain the word ‘cannabis,’ ‘marihuana’ or ‘marijuana’ in it and is strictly for tobacco.

Today on The Mernahuana Zone we discuss why it’s actually now very favorable for these established business to switch over to bring your own cannabis vape lounges. TMZ 181 We Smoke Marijuana In Toronto Vape Lounges.

Death By Dabs? Social media reported a Prince of Pot was nearly dabbed to death by an unknown dabber on Friday night at Vapor Central. The incident happened about 9pm and may have involved poorly purged product. Afterward, approximately three hours was spent riding a vomit comet and now has people debating excessively ‘to dab or not to dab.’ Will the unknown dabber make an appearance on TMZ? Is it possible for a Prince of Pot to green out and what the ramifications?

Holiday Bong Wrapping w/ Mastah Rollah There’s no one keeping a record of how fast a new bong has been broken, but it’s probably within seconds of purchase. I’ve been given responsibility of shipping Jordan of the Islands Karma Cup and have asked TMZ glassblower Mastah Rollah on best methods of wrapping a bong – he’ll demonstrate by wrapping up JOTI cup. But not before we do some dabs off it!
High Times Cannabis Cups Fails

Once again High Times Cannabis Cup has turned into a fail – losing its venue before even opening. The HT Cup has attracted plenty of unwanted attention by Amsterdam police and government officials over the years and we attempt to provide a brief history of HT Cup raids and busts. We are working social media to book a Skype guest in Amsterdam.


On The Couch
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