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POT TV – The CK-POTcast K Trevor Wilson hosting with Pete Zedlacher recording an episode of the CK POTcast. Please note that there is butt loads of people smoking pot in this room. If you want to see someone have a panic attack and pass out on stage come to the show tonight or stream it in the comfort of your own home. Tonight’s show is going to be AWESOME!! It’s going to really fun. I can’t wait for this one!!! 9pm @vapor central Either way i promise its going to be a doozy !!!!!

Mondays With @KTrevorWilson OR @CalPost, sometimes both, LIVE on @VaporCentral It’s monday again, and that means If Mario & Luigi are the Mario Bros. then that means Mario’s full name is Mario Mario. Real original name Mr. & Mrs. Mario. Idiots, 9pm Check out all the MP3 Potcasts… It’s me, It’s the big guy K. Trevor Wilson and Monday I have 2 callbacks for TV shows. Fingers crossed, it’s the incredibly vile CK POTcast! 9pm — with Erin Goodwin and 4 others at Vapor Central.

I keep having this creeping thought that if it turns out that the allegations are false, then we’ve just been cyber-bullying an old man.

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