Cannabis Culture Award Marc Emery LIVE at Vapor Central High Times Lifetime Achievement

Marc Emery & Jodie Emery will be at Vapor Central Friday November 21st around 7pm EST (4pm PST) before flying to the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam on Monday, in time for Mila’s 70th birthday celebration later that afternoon. Thanks to SENSI SEEDS ( and UBER NUTRIENTS ( for the sponsorships!!!! Marc & Jodie receive The Cannabis Culture Award, while Marc Emery also gets the High Times Magazine’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

Marc Emery Photo taken by Jodie Emery way back in 2004 at the Tokers Bowl! The image that was used to create the world-famous “FREE MARC” logo by Gary Wintle! —

On TMZ 180 Higher Than The CN Tower With Wolf of Weed Street at 920pm we had the Prince of Pot Marc Emery… Watch below… Tthe Wolf of Weed Street got everyone gunned on ganja. You gotta tune in to to see the size of bud that is going to be inhaled at Vapor Central courtsey of our friends at TMZ also interviews Matt Gray who is cannabis crowdfunding for The Stoner’s Cookbook The cannabis crowdfunding community has raised almost $22,000 to cover the costs of this exciting project. We find out how Gray has raised funds and about his book. And we have everyone’s favorite segment Crop King Seeds 420 Bud Swap at 820pm EST. Watch cannabis enthusiasts trade marijuana strains with each other. Then at 920pm we have the Prince of Pot Marc Emery…

Marc Emery, B.C. ‘prince of pot,’ gives interview on TMZ 180 Higher Than The CN Tower

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