Opus LIVE 041 Cya VC Hello BC episode

POT TV – It’s the last Opus LIVE of 2014 from Vapor Central and we have a lot of stuff to give away on todays show as well we’re auctioning off a POLLEN MASTER P150 and a ‘La Fumo Pipe’ …these two items together retail at over $700. so stop at the bank and pick up some cash as these items are going to be auctioned off today. It’s week 44, that leaves only 58 daze until NYE! Dofo is nothing but a stain at city hall, Rofo isn’t looking good and his days at city hall I think will be short and ineffective. Only 5 more days until the Karma Cup… Judges packages were released today with over 70 samples!! Amy Anonymous is still collecting donations for Milk and Cookies for the homeless and you have until the end o f November

Instead of a top 12 list today we have two ‘top 10 lists’ cause I like to mix things up, Tracy will have some treats for our in lounge audience so everyone is nice and high for todays show and another segment of Ginger snaps. Cheers for Tommy Mulcair, standing up and speaking the truth while PMSH drags his knuckles in the dirt, CBC drops the ball, soon will need help feeding itself plus the last round of ‘How Much Does That Bud Weigh’ SKUNK magazine giveaway and more and following the show ‘The Roast of Opus’

We have a full bowl of weed so lets get the show smoking….

Opus LIVE, LAST SHOW from Vapor Central, 667 Yonge st and on www.vaporcentral.com/livestream and Pot TV Cya VC Hello BC episode’ #041 Nov 3rd 2014

~ 7:20 Bongalong with BC
~ 7:45 How Much Does That Bud Weigh for BUD BUDDY** COOKIES
~ 8:00 SKUNK Magazine giveaway Ginger Snaps
~ 8:15 Lounge Game -How Much Does That Bud Weigh **

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YOUTUBE link: Opus LIVE 039 October 20th 2014