Opus LIVE 040 Election Day

POT TV – Opus LIVE Oct 27th #040 The terrorist threat that never was episode- It’s also election day, be sure to vote, polls are open till 8pm- The Top 12 List- Ginger Snapped plus we still have marijuana to give away and a subscription to SKUNK magazine. Opus LIVE #040 – Oct 27th week 43- 9 more weeks till NYE. or 65 days It’s election day, except in Toronto where it’s ‘Dump ROFODOFO day’ The choices have never been shittier but it’s still no excuse not to vote.

This is also the second last Opus LIVE from Vapor Central this year before I move back to BC. Less than two weeks until the Karma Cup on Toronto… almost sold out! November 8th. Milk and Cookies for the homeless by Amy Anonymous!!

~ The Top 12 list is back, and we have…

Ginger Snapped’ – Jian Ghomeshi fired by CBC for Kinky private life!!!

Stories we’re following this week,
~ The shooting in Ottawa, terrorism or a single person acting alone? Can we expect more abuse of the law and from police?
– what about xmas shopping crowds? panic? Fear?
will your rights and privacy be toast now? count on it! All because…..

~ One lone Canadian with a history of drug addiction, homelessness and crime and perhaps suffering from a mental illness committed gun violence in Ottawa killing one soldier and shocking a nation.
This IS NOT JUSTIFICATION for going to war and military action against people who did not commit this crime.

~ 7:20 Bongalong with BC
~ 7:45 How Much Does That Bud Weigh for BUD BUDDY**
~ 8pm coffee …SKUNK Magazine giveaway
8:15- Lounge Game -How Much Does That Bud Weigh **

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