CAMH calls for the Legalization of Marijuana

POT TV – In a stoner surprise announcement last week, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) announced it is backing the legalization of marijuana in Canada. Global TV, City News, caught up with Supporters of marijuana who back CAMH in its calls to legalize the drug, filming segments at Vapor Central Lounge at Get Melted Cafe in Toronto.

WATCH: The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health calls for the legalization of marijuana.

CAMH made this announcement as it released its new Cannabis Framework Policy, an evidence based study on marijuana. Canada has one of the highest rates of marijuana use in the world. According to CAMH, 40 per cent of Canadians have tried cannabis at least once in their lifetime, with 10 per cent in the past year alone. Add this to the growing political movement both inside Canada and in the United States to legalize it. Cannabis Culture found it was time for CAMH to weigh in to the debate.

I wonder if CAMH threw in the towel, and figured it you can’t beat them, join them. In other words, perhaps the folks at CAMH calculated that given social and political trends, greater marijuana use was inevitable, and rather than try to fight that trend in vain they opted to put forward what they thought was a responsible legalized marijuana framework and hope for the best.

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