Weedy Wednesdays 385 Hunter Collins

POT TV – Hosting Back To Back WEEDY WEDNESDAYS & 3RD KLASS THURSDAYS at Vapor Central your host, back for a whack and fresh outta the Pet Sematary, “Festival Favorite” and “International Television Juggernaut(c)”, “The King of Modesty”, Hunter “The Draw” Collins! Hosting back-to-back nights -Tonight and Thursday- at Vapor Central, which means I’ll have inhaled so much secondhand weed this week that by the weekend, my lungs will have grown dreads! Come get your funny-bone’s pum-pum mashed!

Tonight in Toronto, Hunter ‘2 Stainz’ Collins will be guest hosting Weedy Wednesdays at Vapor Central!!! Also on the show, professional happiness makers, Daniel Woodrow, James Kersley, David Heti AND Josh Infald, none of whomb are particularly happy themselves but all of whomb have some sick desire to bleed joy from the public in order justify their otherwise painful existences!! WOW!! For only 10 god fucking dollars!!! WOW!! Fuck you and your bridge game, grandmama, let’s go to Vapes for one of those reefers shows!! 667 Yonge street, 9pm doors, DoWnToWn T-dAWt

So make like the end of a krokodil trip and come down to Vapor Central – the place with so many blunts we named it once! Woooooo! 667 YONGE. 9PM. NO BLUNTS.

So harvest some buds, dip into your stash at VC tonight and get ripe! 667 YONGE. 9PM. NO RUTABAGAS.

Vapor Central! It’s one of the only venues in the world where you can smoke weed and watch comedy! If you’re looking for a new experience or just want to escape the noise, swing by Toronto’s hidden gem around 9:00PM. Visit Vapor Central’s website or in person at 667 YONGE St., Toronto Plus, this year, I will smoke 420 joints!” Promise! 9PM, only at VAPOR CENTRAL! Check out Vapor Central on Twitter . Wednesdays & Thursdays means comedy and cannabis at Vapor Central in Toronto. So come toke out to Vapor Central and laugh it up with us. 667 YONGE. 9PM. NO HUNTERS.