TheWeedGuy: Smoking a Joint in a Thousands of Year’s Old Volcanic Hot Spring Cave!!

POT TV – TheWeedGuy, aka Mark Klokeid, is founder of and the medical marijuana dispensaries in Vancouver. Watch his smoke-fests on Pot TV.

In this episode: TheWeedGuy visits The Cave and Basin in Banff Alberta, a natural hot springs and cave used by natives for thousands of years. Discovered by westerners from 1859 and was made the first ever National Park in 1885 by the Canadian government after multiple attempts to commercialize it by greedy businessmen. Many people have come to this site for the healing powers of this warm spring water. Nestled in the Canadian Rocky’s in Banff Alberta. Mark was blessed to be able to have a private tour in this otherwise Packed cave and tourist attraction. Remember to protect mother earth and fight for what is right. Earth is our mother and deserves to be protected for our children’s children. Live in the Now and Enjoy Life because you never know when its your turn to die. Yeahhhhh!

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