Opus LIVE 037 Oct 6th 2014

POT TV – Monday on Opus LIVE, ‘the original show where you can win marijuana’ It’s time to make some hash so we will be making dry sift hash with ‘the Pollen Master P150 the ‘set it and forget it’ method, – also driving and marijuana, men on a mission – the top 12 list, – War, Harper’s big distraction – Activism tips, videos and bong rips,… with co-host Tracy Curley produced by Chris Goodwin, directed by Erin Goodwin, Monday LIVE 7-9 pm from Vapor Central 667 Yonge st and on the VC and the Pot TV networks.

Monday’s on Opus LIVE, 7-9 pm from Vapor Central 667 Yonge st and on www.vaporcentral.com/livestream

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