Opus LIVE 035 Funtime Fudge Challenge Take 2

POT TV – Opus LIVE 035 September 22nd I think we’re good to go, the ‘Funtime Fudge Challenge take 2. Unforeseen problems prevented last weeks challenge but we have it together now so it’s take 2 on my attempt to eat a whole pan of medicated fudge. World leaders explain how to get out of the drug war, they should know, they started it. Ontario government wants to fix netflix, I didn’t think it was broken, special guest tba plus your chance to win marijuana both in the lounge and online viewers too and every week we give away a years subscription to SKUNK magazine.

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with co-host Tracy Curley, produced by Chris Goodwin directed by Erin Goodwin. It’s week 39, and this is the #35 show here at VC- only 100 days to NYE! about 14 weeks. NYE is a Wed this year. This weekend Tracy and I will be at the PMHC in Saskatoon with Matt Mernagh, Redbeard, Jeremiah Vandermeer and other Pot TV personalities. La Fumo pipe still not claimed so we will be starting that up again next week after we get back from the PMHC if not claimed and the Marc Emery signed Volcano auction still sits at $650. Ont government wants to regulate Netflix like TeeVee. World leaders want to end the drug war and offer how to do it, no shit, they started the damn thing. Jamaica moving forward with decrim! walking for cannabis freedom a new segment I like to call -Glimpses of BC. Maryland to decrim Oct 1st ….comments from me… who’s our special guest Tracy?? Tracy will have a report from the IPA Conference so….~ I’m going to start in on the fudge now while Tracy gives you a report from the IPA conference-

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