Stoner Sundays 181 Mike Rita

POT TV – TODAYS SUNDAY !! FOOTBALL , BASEBALL & VAPOR CENTRALLLLLLLLL!!! Tonights Stoner Sundays starts at 9:20ish pm and ill be hosting a stacked line-up with a bunch of great comedians, come around 9pm to grab seats , we sell-out almost every week of the year so start making plans right now for tonights show !! Grab yo kids , Grab yo Wife and come down to vapor central cuz they Dabbin errrbody out here !!! 667 Yonge St.

Today as i sit at home waiting for the Toronto Blue Jays to begin playing all i can think about is the amazing changes that happen around us each day , small and big. We think we live in this terrible place , but we don’t , we’re just more aware of the tragedies around us, bad things have been happening for along time and they’re finally coming to the forefront of our personal thoughts, never more then now have i ever thought about War, Charity & Human Rights. Out of sight-Out of mind isn’t a thing with social media, WAR, GOVERNMENT & RELIGION can’t hide behind bias news on TV as easily. Freedom is growing , don’t let the media tell you other wise. PEACE AND LOVE YOU IDIOTS

Tonight I’ll be at Vapor Central for the Stoner Sundays @TweetsFromReets Open Mic with Mike Rita Visit Vapor Central LIVESTREAM Over 2.5 Millions Viewers, Performers. Musicians. Interactive Panels. Films. Comedy Shows. Art everywhere @VaporCentral 667 Yonge Street 416-923-3556 You, and 2,454 others like this…

Tonight will feature some of Torontos best comedians and performers in town for JFL42, I host this show and love it week in week out. Come enjoy one of Torontos best keep secrets STONER SUNDAYS AT VAPOR CENTRAL • 667 YONGE ST • 9:20pm 10 dollars. No shmucks allowed!

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