Opus LIVE 034 The Funtime Fudge Challenge

POT TV – This week on Opus LIVE it’s the ‘Funtime Fudge Challenge’ where I’ll be attempting to eat a whole pan of medicated fudge and still function.
Also on the show, Harper government continues it’s war on the ill and suffering, free cannabis clinics opening in Ontario, world leaders explain how to get out of the ‘war on drugs’ plus your chance to win marijuana and other prizes.

It’s week 38 of 2014 – 107 days till New Years Eve! or about 15 weeks and I plan to eat this whole pan of medicated fudge on the show… Editorial on Culture High by Opus….Todays guest is Jason Wilcox? the Harper government continues it’s war on ill and suffering Canadians. Appeals the Owen Smith case. Free Cannabis Clinics opening in Ontario Facebook cracking down on alias names. Dominatrix expelled from Senate hearing after mentioning ‘proof on politicians’ Million dollar bust in Markham, I smell bullshit! How does the world get out of the ‘war on drugs’? World leaders explain… Regulate NETFLIX like TV? ON gov wants CRTC to do just that. Marc Emery signed Volcano auction * The bid now stands at $650. 🙂 LA FUMO PIPE CANADA- if not claimed by Sept 29th show we will start a bidding page for it on facebook in Oct.

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~ 7:20 Bongalong with BC
~ 7:45 How Much Does That Bud Weigh lounge version
~ 8pm coffee
~ 8:05-:10 SKUNK Magazine giveaway
~ 8:25-8:30 BUD BUDDY H.M.D.T.B.W. for chat-

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